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Expert advice that all Junior Cycle students should know.

Back to School Advice for 2021

Going Back to School

Over the next few weeks, all students across Ireland will be returning to school. This is an anxious time for all, however, there are ways

Junior Cyce Summer Exams - Our Advice

Advice for your Summer Exams

It’s that time of year again. Preparing for your summer exams is a difficult time for many. This year, for third years, summer exams are


The Junior Cycle Grading System

With the old Junior Certificate course now obsolete, here’s a guide to the new Junior Cycle grading system. The grade descriptors in this guide apply

Online Learning - Our Advice Blog Cover Image

How to Ace Online Learning

With schools closed again, online learning is back. In this guide, we explore four tips to help you ace online learning. 1. Set up a

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The Perfect Study Space

Where is your usual study space? This is something that is often overlooked, and yet highly important, especially now that most of your studying is

a desk with glasses, pencils and a notepad used in the examable article 'how not to study'.

How Not to Study

Studying can be really difficult and time-consuming if you use the wrong methods. In this article: How Not to Study, you will learn why the

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Junior Cycle Science: Advice and Tips

Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash Here’s some advice and tips for Junior Cycle science, created by a distinction student, for students aiming for distinctions in science. 1.

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Finding the Motivation to Study

Photo by Rishabh Agarwal on Unsplash Finding the motivation to study for your exams can be very difficult. Here’s some advice that will hopefully help you to stay

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Stress in School

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash It’s normal to feel stressed or anxious when your going back to school. The following tips are designed to

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Study Methods No One Talks About

Cover Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash 1. Active Recall This is the most important study technique. Active recall involves retrieving facts or other information from your brain.