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Get access to over 120 pages of key definitions, examples and diagrams for Junior Cycle Business Studies – Strand Two: Enterprise.

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Get access to over 120 pages of definitions, examples and diagrams for Junior Cycle Business Studies – Strand Two: Enterprise, with our Junior Cycle Business Enterprise Notes.


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What’s Included

  • Comprehensive notes on the Enterprise strand.
  • Revision Timetable
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How Our Notes are Designed

Every chapter includes three sections: Introduction, Learning, Revising.

  1. Introduction: We introduce you to a new topic using key words and encourage you to try and recall anything you may already know.
  2. Learning: We use clear definitions and examples to ensure you understand the content.
  3. Revising: We use questions banks to make it easy to implement active recall into your study.  After every chapter, this section will help enforce what you’ve learned and help you do better in your exams.

Breakdown of our Notes


Types of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

Impact of an Organisation


Business Technology


Business Plan

Business Documents

Business Finance

Cash Budgets

Cash Books and Ledgers

Income Statements and Statements of Financial Positions

Pre-Exam Checklist


How You Can View Our Junior Cycle Business Enterprise Notes

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