How to Ace the Listening in French

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In this guide, you will learn how to ace the listening in French for Junior Cycle. This simple two step process can help you to achieve a distinction in Junior Cycle French.

This guide was created by a distinction student, for students aiming for distinctions.

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1. Learn Vocabulary

Firstly, you will need to build up your knowledge of French vocabulary. Make a list of key words for each topic of the French course, and use a website such as WordReference to translate the words into French.

Then, you must learn them off. If you’re not sure how best to do this, this article on effective study techniques may help you.

If making lists of key words and translating them sounds like a chore, we can help you. We’ve done the work for you with our reading and listening notes for French, which included everything you need to ace both the listening and reading sections of the French paper.

2. Practice with Exam Papers

Once you have learned the vocabulary as best you can, you will then need to begin practicing with exam papers. The following advice can be used both when doing practise exam questions, and when completing the final exam.

Before the tape starts, read through all the questions and underline the key question words. If the question is in English, translate some of the key words into French, and vice versa. This will make it easier when the tape starts to know what to listen out for.

Remember if the question is asked in English, you must answer in English. If the question is asked in French, then you must answer in French.

Remember you will hear each section three times, so there’s no need to rush your answers. Listen carefully to the recording and write down what you think is the correct answer.

Even if you have absolutely no idea what the answer is, try to write a logical answer based on the question asked. If you write nothing you automatically get no marks.

Thanks for reading this article How to Ace the Listening in French.

You can access all of our free French notes here.

-The examable team

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