Changes to the 2022 Junior Cycle Exams

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The revised assessment arrangements for the Junior Cycle 2022 exams have been released by the Department of Education. In this guide, we will cover all of the changes in detail.

Written Exams

Differing from last year’s arrangements, there will be no changes to any of the written exams for Junior Cycle. The Assessment Arrangements document, which can be viewed here, states that “The Written Examination[s] will not be adjusted from the structure and format indicated in the Sample Papers and any previous examinations of these new specifications.”

This means that all topics must be covered by students preparing for the 2022 Junior Cycle. There will also be no change to the timing of the exams.

The written exam will now account for 100% of your Junior Cycle grade, as opposed to the usual 90%, placing extra importance on the final Junior Cycle written exams.

Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs)

Changes have been made to the classroom based assessments, or CBAs, for Junior Cycle. Classroom based assessments do not count towards your final Junior Cycle grade, however, they will appear on your Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement.

For students entering third year in 2021, the following changes have been made. You will only be required to complete one CBA in each subject and short course you are studying.

The following subject specific changes have also been made:

SubjectChanges to 2022 Junior Cycle Exams
All SubjectsMinimum of one CBA required*.
Business StudiesCBA1 is an individual report (more information here).
Visual ArtNo requirement for CBA presented in 3D.

*Please note that for some subjects you are required to complete either CBA1 or CBA2. Full details are available here.

Assessment Tasks (AT)

The Assessment Task, or AT, is a written reflection on your CBA2 completed in third year. This component of your assessment usually accounts for 10% of your final grade. However, this year, the AT will not take place.


Written Exams: No Changes

CBAs: Students must complete at least one CBA.

Assessment Task: No Assessment Task


Thanks for reading our guide on the changes to the Junior Cycle 2022 exams. We hope it was useful to you.

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[1] Assessment Arrangements For Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations 2022 (2022)

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